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Well hello internet! It has been a looooong time since I posted here on this blog. Since my last post a lot has happened. I did a bit of solo travel in Bali, Thailand, and Vietnam. During my time there, I learned to ride a scooter, taught myself to swim(thanks YouTube), went scuba diving, hung out with monkeys, bicycled the Hai Van Pass, drove the Haigiong Loop by motorbike, lived with Black Hmong people, and found time to build a game using React, Flask, and websockets 😊.

It was a busy and amazing year. In addition to seeing a different part of the world, I learned a good deal about myself and returned with plenty of project ideas. Too many if I'm being honest. However, one of them in particular really stuck with me and that is the first one I will tackle.

During my time abroad, my least favorite chore was figuring out visa requirements and performing border runs. Early on in my journey, I got most of my visa info by speaking to other travelers, but sometimes it was conflicting information which made me nervous. I remember landing in Bangkok, Thailand, walking over to the information booth, and asking the attendant if I needed a visa to enter the country. As another example of my poor planning, I once had a 15 hour round trip visa run by van from Vietnam to Laos. Talk about a complete waste of a day!

In hind site, part of my problem was not spending enough time looking for the correct information online. The other problem was not having a nice, easy to navigate site to find this information.

Well, about 5 months months ago I came across a pretty cool site called and it does most of what I want. There are a few features missing that I would really like so I have decided to make my own version 🙌! Not only does this project have more meaning for me due to encountering the issue myself, but it also allows me to work on a project that already has a proven model. I don't have to spend as much time figuring out if other people have this problem.

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